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10 things to consider when buying a Laptop Screen

Buying a screen to replace your damaged laptop screen (DIY repair) can take some time. Finding the right part, reliable screen supplier and more. Here are 10 steps to check when shopping around for a laptop lcd screen.laptop screen repair australia

  1. Identify the correct part. This can be achieved by removing the laptop screen which includes a screen manufacturer part number on the back of the screen. Once you have this part number, you can’t go wrong. The manufacture part number is something like LTN156AT01-H01 or B156XW02 V.2, The first letter(s) stands for the manufacturer, then the number following is the screen size (15.6 in this instance).
  2. Decide what you want, price or quality. As always you get what you pay for, you cannot get the top quality for the cheapest price. You can buy some cheap screens online but you maybe risking the quality of the screen.
  3. Local or overseas. Overseas is cheaper but you are some how on your own when it comes to warranty and returns. Posting anything from Australia to any overseas country can set you back at least $50. Let alone that most overseas seller will require the faulty part back before posting a new part. This ads waiting time without your laptop.
  4. Warranty. If you are an extended warranty kind of person, look for the supplier that provide the longest warranty. Many cheaper screens come with 6 months warranty. Some companies provide 3 years warranty.
  5. Dead Pixels. Check the supplier’s dead pixel policy, may suppliers work on 2-5 dead pixel is acceptable (which is an industry standard). However there are some companies around that provide zero dead pixel policy.
  6. Returns / Money back guarantee. Check return policy what happens the problems appears to be lcd cable or motherboard. can you send the screen back for a refund, restocking fee, or can’t send back at all? In a situation where the screen is not cracked (just faulty or no display), it could be another part that is casing the issue. It is important that you can send the screen back for a refund even with restocking fee. Being $30 out of pocket better than having a part you will never use.
  7. Pickup and return warranty. If the purchased screen dies within the warranty period, who pays the shipping fees? If you have to pay you maybe $30-$40 out of pocket. It is a nice option to NOT have to pay the shipping fees.
  8. Replacement Guarantee. If you crack your laptop screen again do you get a discount on the replacement? Laptop LCD Screen offers half price screen if you crack your screen again within the warranty period. (please check Ts & Cs)
  9. Customer service. Can you contact your supplier by phone or get a reply in timely manner? Many online sellers can take days to get back to you with an answer when you need your machine for work or study.
  10. Phone Support. Does your supplier provide phone support if you need to ask technical questions? It is vital to have phone support if your machine is used on daily bases. for example one day without your laptop in business may cost hundreds of dollar. A local laptop screen supplier can help you get back online in no time.

If you get the above right, your laptop screen purchase and repair should be a smooth ride.

Laptop screen repair Australia

So… you cracked your laptop screen and looking for options to have it replaced. In this article I will list all options I am aware of to have this screen repair by a professional and DIY. I will do a quick pros and cons at the end.

1- Call the manufacturer for a replacement Laptop screen:

Most laptop manufacturers now offer what they call “raw panel” which means the screen / panel only to replace the laptop screen. While previously most laptop manufacturers was supplying a complete display assembly where customers had to spend hundreds of dollars to replace.

Now this has improved a bit for some manufacturers (from a customer stand point). The “Raw Panels” are now more affordable so instead of spending $800 for the complete display, you will now spend any where between $300 – $600 for a raw panel depends on the laptop manufacturer.

2- Check in to the laptop screens repairer / Computer shop around the corner:
Most of us often do this, as it is the most convenient of all. It can be a good option depends on how informed is your laptop  screen repairer about laptop screens, who is the supplier of laptop screens, is the supplier within Australia? what sort of service will you get, what warranty come with the screen, dead pixel policy, how quick screen repairs can be done, how often he / she repairs screens.

3- Call a professional screen repairer / Repair Center:laptop screen replacement

This could be a good option depends how quick your screen can be replaced. Some companies specialise in laptop repairs or laptop screen repairs / replacing. The advantage of using companies that specialise in replacement screens is that’s what they do. They will have a good reliable supplier, with good warranty and turn around time.  This option maybe most convenient for busy individuals that don’t have time waste chasing replacement screens. Some professional repairers offer replacement laptop in case there is a long wait time.

4- Buy a screen online and do it yourself:

Have the time to DIY? this also maybe a good option, few things to consider:

  • Know what you are doing, do your research before buying the replacement screens to make sure you purchase the right screen.
  • Watch youtube videos.
  • Buy the screen from a reliable supplier, with longest warranty possible and avoid buying from overseas buyers. Even though this may seems cheaper to buy from HK or China, it will be very expensive if you have to return the screen for any reason, the only other option is to throw the screen away and buy locally.
  • Avoid buying from eBay. Reason I say this is most eBay sellers are feedback driven. Once you leave feedback and you can no longer claim a return on eBay or Paypal (six months for Paypal), there is nothing to enforce your screen warranty especially if the seller is not a registered business.
  • Laptop screen replacing is not a hard task on most laptops, but some models will require a professional to replace and possibly professional tools.
  • Do things slowly and if any thing is hard to remove then you are missing something. Parts should come apart easily without force.

Difference between screens you buy from a third party and laptop manufacturers

First allow me to note, most laptop manufacturers DO NOT manufacture screens, same as hard drive, memory and other component. Instead they source parts from differnet part manufacturers and assemble them together to produce a laptop. Screens are no difference, LG, Samsung, AU Optronics, CMO, and few other manufactures make screens.
Laptop manufacturers buy the screen form say LG, stick a label with their own part number, mark up the price x 6, and sell it to consumers, that is a very expensive sticker.  Some manufacturers are more reasonable with their screen pricing than others

Third party suppliers, such as Laptop LCD Screen & others by-pass the laptop manufacturers and buy directly from screen manufacturers. This will allow a saving of hundreds of dollars on each screen.

Hope this article help you to decide where and how to repair your laptop screen. If you have any questions please feel free to ask.


macbook pro display

Macbook Pro has one of the finest screens ever installed in a lapotp. starting from the earlier Macbook pros till now, every new model comes with an outstanding display panel for its time.

However, Apple made it hard to replace screens / panels only on their laptops. Apple quote customers on replacing the complete display for a Macbook / Macbook pro which usually costs at least 25% of the laptop price.

A macbook pro screen display Hinge Up assembly at Apple costs around $1000 installed.

In this Article I will write about the recent 2 models of macbook pro screens.

A Macbook pro A1286 15″ and A1278 13″ screen is made out of 3 parts:

  • A protective glass
  • LCD Panel
  • LCD Back cover

The below image shows exactly what this screen is made of.

Macbook Pro 13 & 15 A1286 A1278 Screens

What usually cracks on these models is the glass, which can be purchased for around $100 (A1278 here and A1286 here), to replace the glass only, you will need:

  • A heat gun to heat up the adhesive that holds the glass to the back panel.
  • A suction cup to help pull out the glass in one piece.
  • A Spudger to remove any glass that remains stuck to the back cover.

Be very careful when you do this it is very easy to scratch the screen.
Once this is removed and all glass pieces are removed (if any). Clean all the old adhesive on the back cover frame. You now can stick the new glass on.

If you have to replace the LCD panel, you can continue unscrewing the screen, then removing it. The only part to be careful about is the LCD cable, it is quite short and just connects to the screen.

Macbook Pro retina display A1398 15″, A1502 13″

This screen panel is way harder than the  above, it is a totally different game.
The screen and glass are in one thin part (image below)

Macbook pro retina display screen
Macbook pro retina display panel only

Installing this screen only is possible but require great deal of experience in replacing screens, and it is a very very sensitive screen. We will make a video and upload to this page soon.

However, replacing the complete display is an easy job, (image below):

Steps to replace the complete display on Macbook pro

  • Remove the base cover
  • unplug the battery
  • Press on button to release any power in the machine
  • Unplug the screen, wifi and camera cables
  • Un-screw the hinges
  • redo all steps above

We supply all tools and screens to complete this job, please visit out store


Sony laptop screen repair

Sony has recently withdrawn their laptop sales from the Australian market. Given the very expensive price of Sony Vaio laptops compared with competitors. The entry level Sony Vaio laptop priced around $1500 while an Acer or ASUS laptop with same specs maybe priced around the $600 mark.

Breaking a part on your Sony laptop may also end up very costly. Sony Vaio spares are priced among the highest spare parts in the industry with long wait time on many spares withing Australia.

Sony was one of the first manufacturers to release what is now an ultra book with 11.6″ screen and very thin laptop, that was before the Macbook Air was released. A Toshiba Matsushita paper thin screen was used in those machines, however the screens were super expensive even when buying directly from manufacturer.

Sony also released some touch screen laptops in different sizes, starting from 11.6″ up to 15.6″, same as every other manufacturer the touch screen was quite expensive as well. However unlike most other manufacturers you can buy the touch glass without having to buy the complete display on most Sony laptops. I have only seen this with Sony and Toshiba. All other manufacturers a customer will have to buy the complete display (hinge up) or a touch + screen + frame attached together. This part usually costs as much as the device or at least 75% of the price.

My very first  screen repaired was on a Vaio laptop in around 2003, I still remember the customer forked out $800 for the part only.  With Laptop LCD Screen around now, this price is slashed to a minimum of around $140 for most common screens.

To order a Sony Vaio Laptop LCD Screen or book a repair please click here.


Asus Laptop LCD Screen Replacement

ASUS Laptops has gain great momentum in the market in recent years. ASUS is manufacturing laptops for all types of uses, whether for home use, school, professionals or gaming users, there is a model that will fit your specs.

Being affordable on the low end (home user) some times around $400, some of the gaming laptops are very expensive and can range anywhere between $3000 – $6000 with very robust graphic cards for gamers. There are some laptops priced in between.

The disadvantage I see with ASUS laptops is spare parts. With ASUS a user will not be able purchase spare parts for DIY repair jobs. All devices has to be sent to ASUS for repair.

If you have a broken LCD screen on your ASUS laptop and wish to have it repaired or purchase a replacement screen. Contact LaptopLCDScreen on 02 8081 2555.
Click here to buy online or book a repair job.

Acer Laptop Screen Repairs – Get professional help or DIY

Acer Laptop Screen Repairs SydneyAre you looking for Acer Laptop Screen Repairs? Does your laptop have problems with the screen that needs to be repaired? You have two options. Either you send your laptop to experts or try to fix the problem on your own.

Most of the laptop screens get broken or damaged if the laptops are dropped. In some cases, the screen does not receive proper power supply and the screen starts dimming gradually. Improper handling of the laptops can also cause damage to the laptop screens.

Laptop screen repair by expert professionals:

You send your laptop to the company and they would repair the screen for you. You need to know that it can be quite expensive to get your Acer laptop screen repaired by professionals or companies. They might charge you hundreds of dollars.

Acer Laptop Screen Repairs in Sydney AustraliaAlso, you may need to wait for longer to get back your laptop working. It can take a few weeks for the laptop to get repaired. If you are looking for a faster and cheaper screen repair option, you can do it yourself by using a step by step guide.

Some companies offer guarantees also. If some mishap or accident occurs, which may permanently damage or harm your laptop, the company offers money back guarantee. There are many companies that provide money back guarantee if the laptop is stolen or damaged.  Always choose such companies as this type of guarantee shows immediately their concern for their customers and how they treat them.

Laptop screen repair by yourself using a step by step video repair guide:

Actually, this is the best way of repairing the laptop screens. You would end up saving hundreds of dollars and you would not need to wait for weeks to get the screen repaired.

You can use step by step video guide and do it yourself. The video guide would show you all the things that would need and how to perform a laptop screen repair.

Laptop Screen Flickering, why?

So your laptop screen is flickering, what is wrong with it?
Few parts can cause your screen to flicker, sometimes screens flickers all the time, sometimes it flickers only while you are closing or opening the screen,  I will list them all below, please note these are the most common causes there could be some other rare situations that I haven’t listed.

1- Screen flickering all the time: This could be due to a faulty laptop screen or faulty LCD cable
2- Screen flickering while you are closing or opening the laptop: Most probably the LCD cable is loose or faulty resolution is to try a new cable, you can but an LCD cable at
3- In some odd situation if when the screen flicker you can still see the screen but very dark, it could be the inverter board, this is a very rare situation and it happens if have an older model laptop with screen CCFL back light.

Hope this information help you troubleshoot your laptop screen problem.


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