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how to identify your laptop to be able to order the right parts first time.

How to find your Toshiba laptop model number

Toshiba is one of the world’s largest laptop manufacturers with 6 main lines of laptops, Libretto, Portege, Qosmio, Satellite, Satellite Pro & Tecra and recently added the netbook line NB100 to NB550 (so far). The most popular line is Toshiba Satellite as is is targeting home users, satellite C650, C650D, C665D, L750, L750D, etc.. these laptops are relatively cheap being sold around $600 – $650, if you wait until the sale is on you will probably get it for around $500.

Being a relatively cheap laptop, screens for these models are around AU $135 each with 12 months warranty and ZERO dead pixel policy (Toshiba sells @ around $400)

Toshiba Laptop model number are mostly formed of 12 digits separated by “-” and starts with “P” Satellite Laptops starts with “PS” for example “PSC12A-02E00T”, this number is usually found on the base of the laptop, Toshiba Tecra starts with “PT”, Qosmio starts with “PQ” below is a sample image on where this number is found.

How to find Apple Macbook Laptop model

Luckily Apple does not release too many models and it is quite easy to find an apple laptop model, Macbook model numbers are found on the base of the laptop and starts with A followed by 4 numbers (same as all Apple products) for example A1181 or A1342, these are actually the only 2 Apple Macbook models apple ever released, A1181 was released in white and black.

We supply laptop screens for all apple models, you can DYI or order installation with your screen where we pickup, install and return your laptop for an unbeatable price.

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Macbook A1181 Black


Macbook A1181 White

Macbook A1342