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Explains what can go wrong with your laptop screen

Toshiba laptop screen colors messed up

You would want to start by looking at your VGA drivers, try upgrading to the latest VGA /Display driver downloadable from you local Toshiba website (usually easier to find if you visit the local website as they will have all local models listed) , if upgrading the VGA driver does not fix the problem, you maybe looking at a faulty lcd cable or faulty screen, identify your Toshiba laptop and give us a call on 02 8081 2555 or click contact us (above) with laptop model number and we will quote on a DIY replacement screen or complete repair, or you can buy an LCD cable here.

Replacing Laptop LCD Panel With Different Resolution

Is it possible? most of the time you can downgrade to a lower resolution without any problem, people usually take this option when they want to save when replacing a laptop screen as lower resolution screens are cheaper.

With some laptops you maybe able to upgrade to a higher resolution, We noticed most old laptops with CCFL / LCD Screens can be upgraded. With most new laptop with LED screen it is not possible to upgrade, especially Sony laptops, we have had some customers reporting that they were able to upgrade after changing the LCD cable, we have not tried this option and cannot confirm it.

Troubleshoot laptop screen problems

Your laptop screen is not working any more, you want to trouble shoot, not sure where to start, here are some simple steps to trouble shoot.

  1. If your laptop screen is completely dark, you cant see anything on the screen, plug your screen in an external monitor, if you can access your computer through the external screen, your laptop screen or LCD cable is faulty, if you want to DIY start with replacing the LCD cable as it is cheaper to buy, you can buy an LCD cable at if it doesn’t turn out to be the cable you can send the cable back for refund with 30% restocking fee less freight, if you buy a screen from us we will waive the restocking fee, you will only pay for freight. If the LCD cable does not fix the problem, it is most probably the screen.
  2. Screen is DIM / dark, also start with changing the cable, if it doesn’t fix the problem, you try the LCD if both do not fix the problem, the motherboard is faulty.
  3. Flickering Screen, again start with changing the cable, then the LCD if the cable does not fix the problem.

Basically always start with the cheaper option, most sellers does not accept return of at best will charge a restocking fee at laptop screen we charge 30% restocking fee if the part is still in original condition, especially screens.

Dim / Dark laptop Screen

Two reasons cause your laptop screen can go dark, where you can still see things on you screen but very dark and you have to get really close to see it or use a torch, if you have an old model laptop with CCFL / LCD Screen it could be:

  1. Inverter board, this is what powers up the light inside your laptop screen
  2. The CCFL light inside the screen had gone, in this situation you have to change the laptop screen, it is a lot less work to change the screen than change the light, however it is cheaper to change the light if you have the time to do so.

If you are running a new model laptop with LED Screen, this could be:

  1. LCD Cable is faulty and is not passing power to the laptop screen
  2. Motherboard is faulty and is not passing power to the screen, in laptops running LED (Light Emitting Diode) screens the inverter is eliminated and the power is supplied to the screen directly from the motherboard, a component of the motherboard can burn out and cause this to happen at Laptop LCD Screen we can some time fix this component to bring your laptop back to life with minimum cost or $200 – $300.

See Trouble shooting my laptop screen steps


What is wrong with my laptop screen

Question many of us ask when our laptop screen stops working or have lines all over, some times you can still see the screen but very dim and many other scenarios. If this happen to you at a critical time when you have a presentation, assignment or working on a project to deliver tomorrow, at Laptop LCD Screen we can help, whether you want a quick fix or you want to DIY we supply screens for all laptop makes and models with next business day delivery Australia wide, or same day installation if you are located in Sydney. I will write few articles on what the problem may be inĀ  common scenarios, click the link that corresponds to your laptop screen problem. If you laptop have a different problem please email us to write about it or call us to discuss.

  1. Screen Flickering
  2. Dim / Dark Screen
  3. No display
  4. Lines all over the screen
  5. Half screen displaying