Dim / Dark laptop Screen

Two reasons cause your laptop screen can go dark, where you can still see things on you screen but very dark and you have to get really close to see it or use a torch, if you have an old model laptop with CCFL / LCD Screen it could be:

  1. Inverter board, this is what powers up the light inside your laptop screen
  2. The CCFL light inside the screen had gone, in this situation you have to change the laptop screen, it is a lot less work to change the screen than change the light, however it is cheaper to change the light if you have the time to do so.

If you are running a new model laptop with LED Screen, this could be:

  1. LCD Cable is faulty and is not passing power to the laptop screen
  2. Motherboard is faulty and is not passing power to the screen, in laptops running LED (Light Emitting Diode) screens the inverter is eliminated and the power is supplied to the screen directly from the motherboard, a component of the motherboard can burn out and cause this to happen at Laptop LCD Screen we can some time fix this component to bring your laptop back to life with minimum cost or $200 – $300.

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