Laptop Screen Flickering, why?

So your laptop screen is flickering, what is wrong with it?
Few parts can cause your screen to flicker, sometimes screens flickers all the time, sometimes it flickers only while you are closing or opening the screen,  I will list them all below, please note these are the most common causes there could be some other rare situations that I haven’t listed.

1- Screen flickering all the time: This could be due to a faulty laptop screen or faulty LCD cable
2- Screen flickering while you are closing or opening the laptop: Most probably the LCD cable is loose or faulty resolution is to try a new cable, you can but an LCD cable at
3- In some odd situation if when the screen flicker you can still see the screen but very dark, it could be the inverter board, this is a very rare situation and it happens if have an older model laptop with screen CCFL back light.

Hope this information help you troubleshoot your laptop screen problem.


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