Laptop Screens CCFL / LCD

What is LCD or CCFL Screen

Let me start with the name CCFL short for Cold cold-cathode fluorescent lamps, this is a normal lamp that was and still heavily used  in normal lights, mainly in offices. The version found in laptop screens is a very thin lamp found inside the screen and is powered by the inverter (a little board that sits under the screen in a laptop). This technology is quite old and is no longer being used in laptop screens, it is not environmentally friendly as it contains cathode please dispose of in an appropriate way or recycle. The name LCD stands for (Liquid Cristal Display) refers to all laptop screens but since the new technology is LED people still refer to CCFL Screens as LCD.

When laptop screen were very expensive, some repair technicians use to replace this lamp to save on buying a new screen, nowadays laptop screens prices has dropped dramatically, you can get the most popular size 15.4″ for around $160.


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